Ani Rose Tamaki Mauria Birthing Tapuhi/Maori Birth Attendant Sydney

I assist expectant parents during Hapūtangā (pregnancy), birth, breastfeeding and beyond by being a person of support, where support is nonexistent. Relocation due to employment opportunities has seen an increase in my services being utilised amongst Maori and non-Maori communities. Irrespective of a family’s cultural background, the concepts of Aroha (love) and Whakawhanautanga (family) has been a universal language of connectedness that we all share.

My Services: by way of Koha (gift)

•Compilation of a personalised Oriori/lullaby or Waiata Aroha (love song) for your Pepi and assistance in writing your own – your Oriori will play an integral part during the transition and birthing stages • Karanga – welcoming Pepi to this world and acknowledging those who assisted with the safe arrival • Delayed umbilical cord clamping – use of Muka (flax fiber) to tie the Iho (cord) • Guidance in traditional collection, storage and burial of the Whenua (placenta) • Assistance with the coming away of the Iho (cord) from the Pito (belly button) – burial of • Support In choosing your place of birth, birth – Home, Unassisted Birth, Birth Centre, Hospital • Support in choosing your provider – Independent Midwife, Unassisted Birthing, Obstetrician, Hospital Midwife • Support during pre-natal visits • Assistance and guidance in creating a birth plan • Assistance with putting together a birth pack – Home, Birth Centre, Hospital • Arrangements for a baby shower – invitations • Nursery and Baby needs assistance • Collation of a personalised pregnancy journal • Advocacy support during labour, birth and beyond – Hospital, Birth Centre, Obstetrician • Support for up to 6 weeks post-partum • Lactation consultation and breastfeeding support

Other services I provide: Haputanga Mirimiri (pregnancy massage) Oko Whenua (placenta vessel) Workshops, Belly Casting, Photography,

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